Friday, August 12, 2011

Lash Stiletto and Volum'Express Review

Maybelline at ShopStyle

I thought "Am I just getting older because I used to have fuller lashes?" Then I thought I should try some new mascaras!  I usually stick to drugstore brands, because mascaras should be replaced every three or four months and buying inexpensive ones allows me to do that guilt-free. I believe the real secret to great lashes besides a decent formula is the brush.

First I tried the  Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Love the red packaging. Reminds me of a very popular shoe with a red sole! The brush is pliable which at first scared me since I thought it would bend every which way. Total opposite. It moves with the lashes allowing you to keep applying until you achieve the length you want.

Maybelline at ShopStyle

Next was Volum'Express also by Maybelline. This was recommended to me by the saleswoman. She said she loved it and showed me her lashes. They looked nice so I decided to try it. The Stiletto lengthened a bit more but I liked the round brush that came with this mascara. You can twirl it while applying.  Also the brush is not in the tube when you buy it, so it's nice to know the brush hasn't just been sitting in product for a long time! Overall a good buy. I'll probably use this one for everyday and the Lash Stiletto for nights out.


  1. Cool...I usually don't like to test out mascaras because seriously found mine many moons ago and no matter which brand I tried in the past I always go back to my oldie but goody one. Loreal Voluminous...absolutely my favorite.

    <3 Marina

  2. OOH! Love that one too, so does my mom :) It's in my make-up arsenal but I like to cheat on it every so often :)