Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fuschia Lips and Smokey Eyes

I manged to build up some points at MyPoints. So I was sent a Target gift card and decided to buy some make-up.

I am wearing  Revlon Colorburst in Fuschia,
L'oreal eyeshadows in Pearl and Lush Raven. 
MAC blush in Her Blooming Cheek.

First, I picked up the ELF Eyebrow kit. This one was the darkest one available and I worried it would be a little light for me. But it looks natural and gives my brows a soft look. Then I bought two L'oreal eyeshadows in Lush Raven and Seashell. The Lush Raven wears more like a soft gray and the Seashell is a good highlighter.

I also picked up two Revlon Colorburst lipsticks in Rosy Nude and Fuchsia.  Fuchia lipstick in general is very wearable on many skin shades! Then there's my favorite HiP eyeshadow in Charged.

Lastly, I decided to try out the Jemma Kidd shadow in Dramatic (blue) since it was only 3 dollars down from 16. It is very pigmented.


  1. LOVE elf! Your make up looks great! I'm just starting to try make up out..

  2. Nothing like a hot pink lip!