Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Things I Like About the Fall

I am a self-professed summer girl when it comes to fashion. It's fun to be able to wear cute outfits and not worry about finding matching socks or the right coat to wear. But the fall is nice too. Wearing a cozy fall outfit while walking outside with a warm cup of coffee. I love that!

Here are five things I enjoy wearing every fall to do just that! 

1. Cozy knit sweaters.  It's usually not cold enough to wear coats, so chunky knit sweaters are the next best thing for crisp autumn days.

2. Boots. I have always loved boots! So many to choose from too...suede, leather, knee-highs, I love to play with the endless possibilities.

3. Jeans. Nothing is cozier than your favorite pair of jeans.

4. Scarves. Try as I might to wear a "summer" scarf here and there, it's during the fall that that my scarf collection really makes the scene.

5. Leather jackets. When it gets a little too cool for just  a sweater, I have my uniform of a leather jacket and a skinny turtleneck on hand.

What are your favorite pieces for to wear during the fall? 


  1. fall is my favorite season because of the falling leaves and color brown=p

  2. This post is so me. I love Fall fashion too, for the layering mostly. I will be doing my Fall post soon.

  3. I love the fall!Cute!I came across your blog and decided to show some love. I just started my own blog and I would love for you to check it out and join if youd like!Keep up the good work :]
    <3 Beezy.