Monday, August 22, 2011

Night Out in NYC

The day started out nicely, here I am before the rain! Off to NYC for singing and eating!

Indian cotton shirt: Marshall's
Shorts: Forever 21
Suede Mocassin Fringed Boots: Airwalks

Here is the style of boot I am wearing, these will transition easily into fall...

Now, come with me to NYC...

View from the car.

Horse drawn carriages are always somewhere in NYC. I've never had a ride in one. I felt bad for the horse. He looked like he needed a nap and it was raining :( I tried to get him in the shot but failed and only got the tail end of him, lol.

It stated raining so badly and I didn't want to ruin my suede boots so I put these socks on with my sneakers! They're from Payless. (I keep socks in my glove compartment and my sneakers in my car in case I have to walk or it rains!)

 Yes Virginia, there really is a Soup Man!

Miso glazed salmon, veggies and rice

Pink flower on top of the food and another in a vase.
I love pink flowers, did they know I was coming? :)

Want more NYC? Flashback to my NYC post from last year here and here!


  1. Aww..what a fun day! I have not been to NYC in over 5 years and I think I am long overdue for a trip! How cute are those lip socks :)

  2. Ahh! So jealous. I would love to visit NYC again. Love your boots!

  3. aww looks like you had fun and i have those same shoes..they are soooo comfy!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC