Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Looks of 2011

As you know summer is coming to a close soon so I am looking back on my favorite warm weather outfits this year! You may remember some of these and the stories that went with them:)

I usually alternate between black and white followed by pops of color. I am wearing one neutral via the cream colored dress. I wear more earth toned neutrals during fall.

Bye Summer 2011, Hello Fall!

The star of this outfit was my H and M denim vest

 Basic black and white with a little blue

 A creamy departure for me

 My favorite Aztec scarf from Forever 21

 Rainbow colors brightened my day! 

 Rolling in the Deep karaoke outfit

 Hippie skirt met structured thrifted blazer 


  1. I love the first outfitttt!:X u're so pretty!

  2. I am not ready! I am not ready! I am not ready! To let go of summer and in Chicago we'll have an Indian Summer and it'll be warm until mid-October. I'll be maximizing my summer wardrobe as much as I can :D

  3. I love all of them!! But my favourite one is with long champ!