Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Topshop Review and Steve Madden Rules

While in NYC, I went over to Spring Street (I used to work around there and it's a great shopping area, not that I shopped during lunch or when my boss was at the DC office, oh never ;).

This area is split into two shopping experiences. There first area  has a few cobblestone streets with all of my dream stores...Chanel, Catherine Malandrino, Anna Sui, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, ahhh.

Good place to look out for celebs too since I once saw Macaulay Culkin around there. He was a little older at the time, not the kid he was here...

We have something in common,
that's my face after realizing I can't really afford my dream Chanel shopping spree.

No biggie. I snap myself back to reality and head to the shops on Broadway which are nice too and where I can shop without having to declare bankruptcy.  I saw a Topshop store and I've heard so much about that store. I was looking for Marc B flap bag available at the UK Topshop that had a Chanel-esque look to it. It wasn't there, so I checked out the clothes. Wasn't that crazy about them! It was like a higher priced H & M. $70 for a denim vest! No dice!
*My husband was so cute, he kept calling the store "TopHat" by mistake. 

I later picked up this satchel by Steve Madden. I just love Steve Madden satchels.The handles are always so comfortable and the bags themselves hold up really well. This one has a pebbled texture that I like. It looks similar to this Marc Jacobs...

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

Here's my bag. It's shown here in black, but the my brown version does look a lot like the Marc Jacobs.  Especially with that little nameplate on the front.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

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  1. omg I wish I can go there !!! looks like you had a amazing time at top hat I mean top shop jajaj