Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Classic Coach Bag Revisited

Do you remember Coach bags pre logo and satin lining?  I was sitting here obsessing over some creases in one of my new bags and I was thinking about how great Coach leather used to be. It's still good but it used to be indestructible! So durable and thick. Coach has reissued many of these classics including my very own Janice's Legacy bag.

I am going to start putting my Janice back into the rotation! This was my first good bag that my mother bought me for Christmas one year. I think it was around 1998. Thanks mom! The funny thing, I wasn't even into purses at that time and didn't even own one. I was fresh out of college, so my "purse" was a backpack.
I used this Janice bag for my new job, hanging out, everything and it still looks great after so many years!

What was your first handbag and do you still use it? 


  1. I honestly dont even remember my first bag, but I try to change mine out every Sunday night:)

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  2. My first designer bag was from Prada..and sadly that bag fell apart. My friend just brought over her heritage coach mini-backpack for me to put on ebay :) Let's see what it's worth!