Thursday, November 3, 2011

Updated What's in my Purse

I love watching what's in my purse videos on youtube! Here's my newly organized bag. I am really a minimalist when it comes to carrying stuff. Wallet, keys, phone kind of girl. But I kind of force myself to carry more to justify carrying bigger bags! Weird huh.

This is the bag I purchased at Burlington. A good everyday bag by Nine West. 
It's nylon so I think it's waterproof.  
It was 20 dollars, but the retail tag was a lot higher so I think I got a deal.

I HAVE to have my Kangaroo Keeper. I have other purse organizers as well (some that are more square and boxy like the one in my Butler bag for satchels). But this one works well in hobos and totes.

Here are few new additions to my bag...

This is a Calvin Klein wristlet. If you carry a wristlet in your bag you can easily put your wallet and phone in there when you come across a situation where you don't want to lug the bigger bag!

When it comes to wallets and/or wristlets, it doesn't have to be fancy or match my bag. My mother likes to match her wallets to her handbags, so I started doing that for a while and then ditched the idea. Too much trouble and it gets expensive. And then you have to transfer all your credit cards to each wallet all the time. No way.

I am very no frills and practical when it comes to wallets. The best wallets are the ones that snap like the accordion one above. This is the As Seen on TV one I bought at Rite Aid! I could look up the name if you like it, but I can't think of it right now. Very indestructible and waterproof. (I keep saying waterproof like I am going to be lost at sea or something) I also LOVE the longer snap wallets sold at Payless. They are inexpensive, but work so well!!  I have a bunch of those in different colors and shades.

OMG, this little thing is a lifesaver (ok, somehow the water and sea theme is in my head!) This mini stapler is so cute and useful. I don't carry cash (does anyone anymore?) so I rack up receipts. I like to staple them together throughout the day. I don't lose them and it's easy to balance my checkbook at the end of the day!

So...What's in your purse? What are some of the best "lifesavers" in your bag?


  1. Ok, I NEED the stapler....I do the same thing..NO CASH, and tons of receipts by the time I get home...what a great idea!!!

    Enter my Icelandic Design Knit Hat Giveaway!!

  2. thanks for your wardrobe ideas on my blog... and just for the record sexy lady.....(guess what??) I do copy many of your outfit ideas cuz you have great style and I love visiting you for that reason :) (so you are for sure inspiring and making a difference for me) AND of course because you are gorgeous and great personality :)

    have a super day hot stuff xoxo J

  3. aw thanks Jodi! you're sweet!

  4. I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to my handbag. I really just have my wallet, sunglasses, a small make-up bag, phone, gum, and that's it. A mini stapler??? That is impressive Erica and I would love to see an OOTD post with that H&M python dress :)

  5. I did post an OOTD with the python! I'll send u the link!

  6. waterproof is important, if you're the kind of person who carries a bottle of water about! I have a big purse (wallet) that I can put my phone into if needed a la your clutch idea. Maybe I'll start putting a separate clutch in my giant handbags.

  7. i love these posts! I need to update mine as well!