Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Can Be Preppy

I have been wanting a Ralph Lauren blazer for the longest time. I finally was ably to buy one recently! As much as I love wild prints, colors and such, I also like a preppy look since I like extremes (Scorpio).

This blazer is an easy way to add some "prep" to the most basic of outfits. I have a lot of black blazers, but there's something about those gold buttons and embroidered crest that I couldn't resist. Now if only they had karaoke at the country clubs...


  1. you rock white jeans like no ones bussiness !! looking great girlie !!!

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  2. Gorgeous look! I love that blazer! :)

  3. indeed a very cute blazer! and nice pants as well love the outfit

  4. nice blazer...the prep look is very in. love the purse too.

    xo Monroe

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  5. That blazer is gorgeous Erica! I saw it a few weeks ago at TjMaxx but all they had were sizes 8 and above! You pull off preppy chic extremely well :) The trench vest as seen in today's trunk show is from forever 21,

  6. I love my blazers...they convert any out fit into STYLE:)
    Looking great in those white pants!!

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  7. That's where I got it Bessie! And I was lucky to find it in 6 petite so I don't have to hem the arms.

  8. great look, absolutely LOVE the blazer!