Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November/Early Christmas Favorites

Michael Buble Christmas CD
 His version of All I Want for Christmas blew me away.
Click above to hear! 
Every song on this album is a keeper.

Philosophy Gingerbread Girl Shower Gel 
Since I love gingerbread, why not smell like it too?

philosophy at ShopStyle

Kmart Make-up Bag
One side is naughty, one is nice. Yeah, that sounds like me! 

Jeanne Pierre Sweater 
If I find something I like I get multiples. 
I featured this sweater in taupe. Loved it so much,  I also bought the white version

I almost forget this Serena Glam Slam OPI combo I also picked up. One is glitter and the other is gunmetal! 


  1. You got some nice things! I love Michael Buble and I am definitely a philosophy girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE :D

  2. Great sweater...perfect for scarves too!! Love love this CD!!!

    His voice is truly incredible!!!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  3. I have the hardest time to buy multiples but then I regret it !!! I want to send you a Christmas card I feel like we have been threw allot this year jajaja

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