Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything is Negotiable

I donated two big bags to the thrift shop and I can't help but look inside for coats and blazers. I can find nice wool coats in there for less! So I picked up this Gap toggle coat for 25 dollars. But when I go the register, I ask what color tag is on sale. The guy said yellow and and I smiled at said "Not green?" He said, "Since I like your smile you can have it for 10 dollars!" YAY! I said "Thanks so much", then tried to keep a poker face. I didn't want to go too nuts and attract attention. Like Donald Trump says "Everything is negotiable." And it doesn't hurt to smile. :)


  1. Go you!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome looking coat....and you probably couldnt find one at full price that looked that great!!

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  2. I love this jacket! I remember it from the gap and wanted it in red. I forgot about it and went back a month was on clearance for $25 in only XL...nice!

  3. you go girl you do have a amazing smile =) love the jacket

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