Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cute Gifts Under $50

Just... lemme see, 36 shopping days until Christmas? That's insane. I try to do most of my shopping in advance and then look online to tie up loose ends. As much as I love shopping, the stores around this time of year can be downright crazy. I wanted to browse and see how much stuff I could find for under $50. And let's be honest, shopping for girls is so much easier (and fun) than shopping for guys.

Here are some cute things I can never have enough of...a vibrant clutch bag, pajamas (can never have too many), LUSH stuff! And who doesn't love cozy slippers! Of course anything sequined also makes the cut. I love the make-up sets that come out around the holidays too, always a great value!

What are your favorite gifts to give (and receive)?


  1. Dear Santa...just kidding! I love these picks Erica, the betsey johnson cosmetics bag would be a fantastic gift!

  2. love it !!! I on the other hand love shopping around this time I'm crazy I like the madness !!