Monday, November 28, 2011

Teeny Black Friday Haul

I didn't do very much Black Friday shopping, but I managed to go to the mall to grab some coffee and walk around later in the day after much of the chaos probably died down. My cousin on the other hand, was one of the brave souls at Walmart on Thanksgiving night getting that Sony Xbox Kinect (?) I think that's what it's called. He called me from the "line" basically hating his life at that moment. Thank God he didn't get hurt since these sales can get pretty scary (customers carrying pepper spray?? yikes!)

Despite the "dangers", I can see how all those sales are tempting. But I didn't want to buy anything I didn't really need (or risk my life and/or eyesight doing so). So I made two very small purchases after my coffee. They weren't on a special sale or anything, Basically I just wanted to get a pretty pink bag.

Here are the two fragrances I purchased at Victoria's Secret...

Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle

I was going to buy the gift set, but I have so much perfume that I wanted to try this mini! This is the perfect stocking stuffer. I already owned Heavenly and I loved the scent of Bombshell!! A very clean, everyday scent with a noticeable touch of citrus.

Sexy Little Things at ShopStyle

Also wanted to try Noir Tease, so I bought this mini also. This is a warmer scent suitable for night!

Did you do any major Black Friday shopping?


  1. LOVE VS perfumes:)
    I too, stayed away from Black Friday...nothing is worth losing my sleep over, lol.

    Have a great week!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Not really. I wanted a new camera but procrastinated on a good deal.

  3. I didn't do much shopping on black friday either. I like these mini perfumes!

  4. I stayed home and caught a few deals online. Same thing for today. Not everything is a deal. You really have to be a savvy shopper. :)

  5. Hi Erica...I am telling have to move to Chicago! We can share closets...I'll let you borrow anything from my closet :) I went on Black Friday but it was 6pm when I made my appearance. The outlet mall deals were didn't miss anything!

  6. Thanks Bessie!! You're sweet!! :)

  7. I'm curious to find out how they smell! SOund delicious!