Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Presents

Here are a few gifts I received for Christmas that I really love!

From my husband...

                                                                    Missoni Scarf
He remembered that I mentioned liking Missoni scarves!

Betsey Johnson "Bowtiful" Sequin Clutch  
                               This bag was sold out everywhere, I am still in shock that he found it!

From Dad (money gift)...

Nine West Studded Bow Heels

From Mom...

                                                              Christmas Tea Set!
                            I loved tea sets as a child! She remembered and go me a grown-up version!

What are some of your favorite gifts this year?


  1. love the t4ea set omg how cute !!! and that bag your hubs always get you the best gift you where extra good this year !!!

  2. Nice gifts! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. GREAT gifts!! Love the sequined clutch:)

    Happy Holidays!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  4. Happy Holidays Erica! I am certainly a few days behind. Thank you SO much for stopping by on xmas. Your gifts are fantastic, I love the Missoni Scarf and also the magic of Xmas tea set! These are all very thoughtful, and I know you will enjoy them for years to come.