Thursday, December 22, 2011

Non-Ugly Christmas Sweater

The "Christmas sweater"  has gotten a really bad rap! For good reason too. Some are downright crazy. There are even Christmas Sweater parties where you can wear some ugly sweaters and prizes for the "worst" one! Sounds fun to me! You can even buy ugly sweaters online here.

The one I'm wearing is more toned down.

Sweater: Sonoma Lifestyle Petite

Another cute option (on sale) by Old Navy...

Nordic at ShopStyle

Do you love to hate ugly Christmas sweaters?


  1. It really depends on the print. Some can be really cute and there are some that are OUTRAGEOUS! haha Love yours! Great jeans and boots girl! :D

  2. sorry I have not been by. How are you? I see we really are style twins as I wore Fair Isle earlier this week as well! This is as 'holiday' sweater as I am getting....

  3. Oh Bessie, don't worry, I'm glad you stopped by!:) You mean no glow in the dark Rudolph sweaters for you? They're crazy right? lol.