Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Shopping Rules plus Johnny Weir

I was buying gifts for my husband and was distracted by these items! Are you naughty like me and buy stuff for yourself when you are shopping for others? Isn't that the rule of Christmas shopping?

Old Navy Shirt
There was one that says, "I've Been Nice". But that's no fun.

Madison 88 Infinity scarf
Pink is flattering on everybody. Especially fuschia! 
A little pink is all you need near your face...instant glowing complexion!

Old Navy Hat
I needed a knit cap since my hats are fancier wool diva hats with big rims.

Old Navy Hat
Ok, this looks like a small bear is sleeping on your head! Or a Tina Turner wig!  Maybe both.
But I think it's so fashion forward! I've wanted an obnoxious (faux) fur hat ever since I saw Johnny Weir rocking one in his Bluefly Closet Confessions. When I bought this, the saleswoman said "That'll keep you warm." True, but I bought it more for fashion!

Wow, this does look pretty wild. But I love it!! Half bear, half Tina. 
Makes me wanna sing actually. Like I need an excuse.

Btw, Heeeere's Johnny! You know I had to post his Confessions video after mentioning it! This is the shorter version, but you will see his fur hat! He's so fun! He's the gay, male, figure skating version of Betsey Johnson.



  1. Great job here. i love it all.

  2. love the pink scarf :D greta blog. I'm following

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  3. I love that pink scarf! You got some great stuff. I always subscribe to buy one for me and one for you. LOL Most of the time it's on sale, so I don't feel so bad. HAHAHA