Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Even Fashionistas Get Cold

Even the most diehard fashionista knows that it can get brutally cold out during wintertime. So you have to have at least one down coat in your arsenal for snow days. I like this one by Calvin Klein. The faux fur on the hood is so dramatic, it looks like a built in wig! And the styling is all about slimming versus too much puffiness.

Calvin Klein at ShopStyle


  1. you look like a cute Eskimo great coat !!! looks warm

  2. That jacket is super cute, and great for right now here in Wa and our snow storm! Lol

  3. Hey cutie!! I love that jacket on you.. the fur looks so nice and cuddly!! I cant seem to find furry vests, or jackets with fur that suit me, instead I end up looking like a big Saskquatch or Ewok or something.. just not fair {waaa} or I guess I could and just not care what others think.. hah hah, anyway that is a total fab coat on you, even better than that scrawny-a$$ Calvin Klein model!! lol xoxox j

  4. Lol, that's funny Jodi. A good way to add fur that looks good on everyone is with a pull through, faux fur scarf. The kind that has a slit you can tuck the other end into. Adds an instant fur collar to coats you already own!

  5. I have a puffy, down vest from J. Crew, and I have to say, while it's super warm, it's not flattering at all! I need to work on finding something that looks better on me.

    I love the hood on yours! Your hair is A+, too. I want.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back soon!

  6. I like the bubble coat and your hair is fantastic.