Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Closet Makeover: Phase 2

Wow, I got a lot done today. My husband helped me too. We went to IKEA and I knew I should have bought the purse organizer (aka EXPEDIT bookcase). But we are going back for that tomorrow. I was debating for the longest time about getting a wardrobe with the sliding doors. They look so nice, but they wouldn't have fit all my clothes and I kind of wanted all of them in there!  I have to part with a lot of things to streamline everything, hard decisions...parting is such sweet sorrow!

We bought 8 MULIG clothes racks and were looking for a bookshelf for my shoes. I didn't see any I was crazy for and I already owned some hanging shoe organizers that I loved and really didn't want to part with. So I bought two extra racks and hung my shoes on those organizers. Still need to everything arrange by color. Tomorrow I will get the EXPEDIT bookcase, and organize my bags! Phase 3 pictures coming soon!

 Shoe organizers I used!


  1. I have to become more organized, your closet looks great!

  2. Lookin good....and you are making me think I need those shoe organizers!!! lol:)

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  3. Great idea with the hanging shoes! Where are the organizers from? Looks like a great walk in closet in the making. I love the Expedits, they work for so many things.

  4. @Sing...I found two of the organizers at Walmart years ago. Regretted not buying more, so I saw them on amazon.com for 7 bucks each and snatched up the rest of them. Walmart periodically restocks them. I'll add a picture of the box