Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Make-up, Where are you?

Ever notice when you buy a few new things albeit make-up, shoes or clothes, you all of a sudden want to organize again? I bought a couple of lipsticks and all of a sudden I'm trying to see where it all fits! I switch between my vanity table, make-up bags and now my Sterlite container is my new best friend. They're cheap and cheerful, but totally get the job done.

A lot of make-up gurus swear by those Sterlite drawers and I don't know how I managed without them. I even put two in my bathroom to organize shower related items such as razors etc.

Before I get to those, here are a few of the bags I used to store my make-up...

 My favorite colorful MAC bag!

Marilyn bag

Another colorful trunk case
But with bags and cases, you can't always see what you have
so here's my new little Sterlite case, nothing fancy, but I like it...

These Sterlite containers make seeing what I have easier and that allows me to use it more often.
I love hearing about new ways to organize just about anything, so share your comments below!


  1. Wow, that's so organized!! Jealous! I should probably try some sort of method. But I really don't own that much make up...I'm terrible putting the stuff on! You should do a how-to for me! :P

  2. I have those sterilite cases, drawers and I love them. I love to organize. It's relieves stress for me.
    I'm always organizing my closets so I'll know where items are, my drawers, makeup etc. I never seem to have enough room for everything.

  3. Love it !!! you have a great collection