Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Just Bought: No Fear Swimwear

When you go shopping for swimwear, does the Jaws theme song play in your head?

It does for me.

I am not necessarily scared of sharks. I am scared of trying on swimwear. But since Jaws was all about horror on the beach, it's fitting.  I gotta say the music stopped once I found this "killer" suit. I usually like a two-piece, but it's always good to have a trusty one-piece also! This suit  is very figure flattering and elegant. Mine is a very dark blue.

 But you can't go wrong with black. I am too shy to model it myself, so I'll let this professional take over.

La Blanca by Rod Beattie at ShopStyle

1 comment:

  1. I love the swimsuit!!! It is really a "killer" one.

    The Jaws song also plays in my head when I think of having to wear a swimsuit... =]

    for me, it's time for workout!! =]]