Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today's Trend: All Out 80's

First, I must share a picture of one of my most wanted "toys" during my 80's childhood. (They should have warned me that it takes about 10 hours to make one actual snow cone though)

Snoopy Pictures, Images and Photos

They say fashion repeats itself and boy were they right! As much as the '80's caused many fashion nightmares, you gotta admit, they were fun. Neon colors, lace, shoulder pads, not for the faint of heart. Although some '80's favorites (acid-washed) still scare me, there are a few throwback trends that can sneak back into this new decade and that already have over the last couple of years. Like skinny jeans.(I threw in Pac-Man because I love it) Here are my picks:

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Roxy, Casio, Hale Bob, Junk Food, KangaROOS

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