Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Just Bought: Leopard Clutches

I am addicted to clutch wallets. They're nice to carry on their own and great for inside a bigger handbag. They satisfy that I-want-a-new-bag urge for a lot cheaper than a handbag would. And for those who want to ease into prints, these are great to place in solid colored black or white bags and then WHAM, pull one out to bring on the prints.

I bought these two at Payless at the BOGO sale. (Couldn't decide between the two and I'm kinda crazy about purple!) I bought these at the Payless store, I checked online and didn't see them but I added one from Kohl's and Target below.

Mundi at ShopStyle

Xhilaration at ShopStyle

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  1. Oh those ones from Payless are too cute! Payless actually has a lot of decent stuff lately!