Sunday, May 22, 2011

Burberry at Marshalls? Say word

Say word. (That's what my cousin tells me when he agrees with me)  With an emphasis on the "word" part.
What can I say, he's like LL raised out in Queens (I was raised out in Brooklyn).  I am partial to "oh snap" myself. I said that once when I saw a lizard in Mexico. I was like "Oh snap!" And my tour guide tells me, "That's not a snake". He mistook my "snap" for "snake". My husband and I were dying from laughter.

So anyhoo, I found a great little Burberry case at Marshall's recently! There are many great brand names found at Marshall's, but even I was surprised to find Burberry! At first glance I thought, "Ok, who's trying to copy the iconic Burberry plaid pattern...Steve Madden maybe."

I opened the case and saw that it was the real deal. Oh snap, say word.

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