Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sandals are Fun

Sam Edelman at ShopStyle

Bag hag or shoe whore? Like Stephanie Tanner would say "How rude". Certainly a man must have come up with these terms. For labeling purposes, I am a "bag hag", but when it's time for warmer weather, I must admit, I get a little loca for shoes. I can't help it, sandals are fun.

I just picked up these lovely Sam Edelman Gigi sandals! As seen on Vanessa Hudgens above. And they were $60 which is pretty affordable compared to what celebrities pay for their shoes. In this case, I got the exact shoe instead of one "inspired" by the celebrity look!

These are my third pair of Sam Edelman shoes and I love them. No surprise since I basically lived in Sam & Libby boots and flats as a teen. (Edelman was the "Sam" in Sam & Libby). If you're looking for basic sandals for summer, these rock! Mine are black also. Here's a close-up...

These run a bit large. I usually wear a 6 1/2 in sandals and I went for the 6. 
Simple and chic, can't wait to wear them!


  1. My toes have forgotten how to walk in thong sandals lol!

  2. Hey Erica! Just read your comments about the JS wedges! I actually ended up finding them too! I haven't worn them yet though (it is still a bit chilly in Boston) but I can't wait!

    I also have these Sam Edelman sandals!

    Are we the same person!? Haha!


    lamb loves