Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yummy Caramel Messenger Bag

This bag really reminds me of the Mulberry Alexa.  
Finding things that are inspired by high end designs for less is always fun!
Here's my new "baby". It's kind of like a medium brown, but doesn't "caramel" sound yummier?

I have been wanting a bag like this for a while and I found it at DSW. There were some like this at Target, but I didn't like them and they felt kind of rubbery.

This one was 69.95 and normally I would not pay that much for a bag that is not leather, but I had to have this. It is well made and doesn't appear synthetic. I found this at the DSW store. Online the black and olive green versions are still available.

Poppie Jones at ShopStyle

A very similar option from Aldo. They carry both an ivory and tan version.
Aldo at ShopStyle

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