Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty in the Garden

My husband just did some major garden work (trimming shrubs, etc) on the worst pollen day of the season thus far! I helped too:). Nature inspires fashion for me in a big way. I love florals, bright colors as well as turquoise and ocean blues! I remember seeing a program about Donna Karan. And she picked up a gorgeous rock and told the interviewer how nature and those colors in the rock could inspire her to design a fabulous dress or print.

 Here are a  few shots that remind me that some of the best colors are textures are found in nature.

From nature to the runway! Here is the DKNY Spring 2011 collection which is inspired by nature, bright colors and the female form. So wearable, so my style.
Bright colors, lots of black, menswear and scarves. Classic Donna Karan.

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