Monday, May 30, 2011

Genius Silver Safekeeper

I should really devote a separate blog to "problem solvers" since I am always on the lookout for items that will make my life easier or more organized! (ie Kangaroo Keeper, Butterfly Scarf Holder)

Here's my latest find.

Back in "the day", we're talking early 90's, I only wore yellow gold.  Since then, to say I have expanded my jewelry preferences is an understatement. White gold, silver, rose gold, platinum (okay platinum plated) have all seen the inside of my jewelry box.

But. silver always used to frustrate me. Some of the silver I owned tarnished heavily, while some didn't tarnish at all! So I found these Silver Safekeepers on QVC and they work! You put clean silver jewelry in them and they do not tarnish. I am not sure how it works, magic I think, but it does. So if you were like me and shied away from silver in the past check these babies out.

Silver Safekeeper by Lori Greiner


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