Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch the Wave for Less

I think Forever 21 caught wind of the Missoni for Target craze because lots of zig zags are making waves throughout their stores! I fell in love with a Missoni (not for Target) scarf at Saks recently, but it was still on the pricey side. I found this F21 scarf which gives that designer look for about 10 dollars. There are a few subtle pattern differences, but it's a very close option.

Did you score any Missoni for Target swag during the first few days?

This is a F21 wave scarf...

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

And this is a Missoni scarf...

Missoni at ShopStyle


  1. I noticed those zig zags scarves at F21 too :) and nope I sadly missed out on the target missoni collaboration due to a sinus infection :(

  2. I missed out too since I totally forgot when it was even though I blogged about it months in advance! With so many people saying it was crazier than Black Friday, I think I missed some mayhem!

  3. I didnt get any Target pieces, but I too, picked up a few scarves at F21 this weekend....yours is gorgeous:)

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  4. Nothing like a good scarf!! They can add the right touch to any outfit!

  5. I missed out because I was LATE to go to Target :( stupid alarm clock!!!
    My mom actually knitted a similar zig-zagy scarf which I love! Can't wait until the weather gets a bit colder so I take out all my winter clothes from storage :D

  6. ooh! I love knitted stuff! Especially when it's homemade with love :)