Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Glitter

Glitter anyone? It's a sequin vest, but I like to think of it as glitter. More fun that way!

 *I just saw Paranormal Activity 3 last night! Yikes, anyone else see it? 

Vest: Dots
Tee: Ann Taylor
Jeans: 17/21
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West

Chico's at ShopStyle


  1. what a cute outfit! Wish you lived closer so you could be my stylist :P

  2. That vest is awesome! I love it...and yes you have to have glitter! Thank you so much for stopping by and please thank Mr. Erica (ok he is going to laugh) for his compliment ;)

  3. @Jessi...Thanks! That would be fun, I'd love to!!

  4. @Bessie..lol. Because of me he knows who Rachel Zoe is, what Missoni is and when I am blogging I say, "Look!" I drive him crazy!

  5. the vest does wonders for your outfit. such a simple solution to take such a simple outfit to the next level! love it

  6. I like this, very chic. What's up with the dressing closet/room?

  7. Definitely rocking the glitter look girl. LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  8. @ Sing, I could post the final pics if you like! Hard to get a real complete picture, so I usually post in sections so it may not look very different from what I posted earlier. But I will post.