Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Target Shopping List

Fall is in full swing! I headed over to Target to pick up some items that I needed to jump start my fall looks.

Funky earrings: 
I wear more earrings during the fall and winter. Maybe it's because if I am wearing heavy outerwear, they add some visual interest around my face! These earrings had a unique sculptural look. And they are lightweight which is important. I try to avoid heavy earrings.

Neutral nail polish:
I have lots of summer colors, so I needed some muted fall nail polish to round out my collection. Here are two Essie polishes I chose. Lady Like and Cocktail Bling.  Did I buy it for the color or because it had the word "bling" in it? Did you know Lil Wayne coined that word? I digress.

So I had to start with Cocktail Bling for this week's manicure.
It's a gray with blue undertones.
Very sophisticated neutral.

Eyeshadow brushes:
I also wear more eye make-up during colder months as you can see from my NAKED series! So I needed
a blending brush and some contour brushes. I thought I'd try these from ELF. The last one 
(Angled Contour Brush) has a flat top and just a slight angle, perfect for blending.

What's on your fall fashion and beauty must haves list?


  1. I really do love Essie polishes.....the earrings are so YOU:)
    I picked up quite a few things this weekend so far...a couple skirts, 3 pair of pants...a few scarves..sweaters, tops...just need to go on a shoe hunt. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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