Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Pumpkin Pickin' Time

An imprompu trip to the pumpkin farm. My favorite part is the tractor ride out to the field! So fun!

Fur Vest: American Eagle
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker

Here's the fur vest...

American Eagle at ShopStyle

The total look...

My husband likes this picture best. He likes the sunlight in the background shining down on me :)  

OMG, I went to this haunted mansion one year with my mother and husband, what a funny story. 
Let's just say we left very early. A dark house with actors dressed in scary costumes following us? 
My mom and I couldn't cope!

Do you like to go to the pumpkin farm or haunted mansions? What's your favorite fall activity?


  1. My favorite fall activity would be going to the pumpkin patch, although it's been years since I've gone now that I live in the city! Love the fur vest...and I am clothes hoarder as well!

  2. LOVE you in the pumpkin patch...looks like such a wonderful time:)

    The vest is gorgeous on you too!!

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  3. I like this blog very interesting. I hope you can check out mine.

  4. cute laid back look! loving the fur vest with the plaid. I need to go get myself a mini pumpkin...i love making pumpkin bread!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NyC

  5. when I was a kid and I'd be in the states, we'd always go to the pumpkin farm... but I haven't been to a farm in years! The only haunted house I've ever been in is the ride at Disneyland, which is tons of fun :) I don't think I can handle a "real" fake haunted mansion with people jumping out and scarring me... no thank you :P

    Very cute outfit, perfect for the occasion, love the vest!

  6. Gurl you're making picking pumpkins so FASHIONABLE...LOVE IT

    <3 Marina