Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mixing in Leopard Leggings

Eek. I tried. Really I did, but all of my pictures came out crazy bad. So I decided to super size at least this one. Half of my head is cut off and no feet either. But my leggings are in full view!  

I wonder what someone like Tim Gunn would say about leopard leggings. If I remember correctly he hates ALL leggings. It's a good thing I don't.  I am trying out my newly thrifted denim shirt. I will only wear longer tops and sweaters with these leggings. A leopard booty is just too much information!

The key to taking them out Peggy Bundy land is to toughen them up, not sexy them up. I skipped the heels and wore these boots...

Leopard Leggings: Collection 18
Denim shirt: Thrifted
Leather Jacket: Wilson's
Boots: Fusion (bought these last year at Mandee's, the selling point...they fit my calves!)


  1. Such a cool look! Love the denim with the leopard. You should link this up to the BDIB challenge on Pretty Shiny Sparkly's blog!! xox

  2. Leggings are not easy to pull off and I think you did an awesome job here as well as bad girl! Both looks are awesome and traces of peggy bundy here :D

  3. Loving your leggings and so lucky to pull them off!! Great look and amazing fashion sense!

    <3 Marina

  4. cool leggins:) I like the leo print!