Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fur Coat to the Grocery Store

Did anyone catch the first episode of that show Fashion Hunters? About a high-end consignment shop? My new addiction. I would so work there.

Ok, ok, here it is...too excited for words. Must...speak...slowly...
Fur coat, Thrifted, 25 dollars. I love that the arms fit just right as well as the shoulders etc,  You ever feel like sometimes the right piece is just waiting for you? I love the fur look as seen here!

Even if I could afford "new" fur, I would probably not buy it. And I must admit, I had PETA in my head calling me out. She must have read my mind, since the saleswoman said out of nowhere "You know, buying secondhand fur actually saves animals. She added "And anyway, nobody better throw paint on me!" She wasn't playing around, she was funny.

The condition was very nice on the outside as well as the lining.  So warm too! I can't wait to wear this everywhere, even to the grocery store.


  1. I love this coat, and $25??? Erica, you got a fabulous deal! I think you did a great thing by purchasing a second hand fur jacket, it looks beautiful on you!

  2. LOL you are too cute... great deal for sure!!! xox oJ

  3. I NEED to thrift with you girl, you find the BEST things!!! Love the coat!!!

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  4. very nice what a great thrifted find!

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. Wow lookmat you very fancy your rocking it girl !!! Very jlo