Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Menswear and Sequins Haul

Just a few of the latest additions to my closet...

 H & M
Unassuming striped shirt with tons of styling potential

TJ Maxx
Passport cotton flannel
It it very fitted and more girly on, while it's still a nod to the guys.
But my style is kind of androgynous at times. 

Cole Haan Air Loafers
These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and though discounted, still kind of pricey!
But I do like comfort. And it looks like a man's loafer, which is why I probably like them so much.

Forever 21
Sequin Peekaboo shoulder blouse
 This top is decidedly girly. And sparkly. I am a bit of an extreme in everything I do. 
I am a Scorpio, that's just how we roll.
So most times I either dress like a guy or a sparkly prom queen.


  1. LOVE the shiney top....so my style too...Im all about shiny sparkles these days too!!!

    Statements in Fashion: A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Ooh I really like the shiny top and the loafers, I've been seeing that color a lot and it's really chic. Plus those look really comfortable. The striped shirt is so fun, I wear tops like that from H&M all the time, I like how you said "tons of styling potential"...hehe. SO true.

  3. Great shoes and that top is way to cute !!!