Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Closet Makeover...Final Phase...the HANDBAGS!

The boxes!

Hubby and I took this on together. Here he is being handy. 

The instructions, screws, scary stuff. But we're ready to tackle this! 

The joy! Organized handbags! 
At last, my bags have a proper home!


  1. Do you know how envious I am to see this shelf...ALONG with the contents in it? 3 LV Speedy's a 25 in Monogram Canvas, 25 Damier AND a 30 Damier?????????? NICE!!! We have the same number of LV bags AND I think I spot new bags w/tags and handle coverings.... OK I am excited to see what else is next in this 'closet overhaul.'

  2. Wow, you totally rocked this...love all your new organization...awesome job sweets!

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  3. @Bessie...lol, now that I can see my bags I can take some tags off. They were so hidden before I forgot what I even owned and grabbed whatever was close by.

  4. Those things are a beast to put together. And I put mine together by myself. I love the bags, the white is a perfect backdrop for them. Don't forget to give us the complete room tour when you are done.

  5. wow you own A LOT! :P:P Xx