Saturday, October 22, 2011

7 Shopping Sins I Have Commited

 Oops, I did it again!

I was just thinking of all the CRAZY things I have done for the love of fashion. These are sins FOR fashion! I call them shopping fouls. These are sins not against fashion (like acid-washed jeans)

Here's my list, lemme know if any of these sound familiar...

7. Followed someone around a store to see if they would put their item down.  
6. Not buying that last item you liked, so waking up extra early to go to the store and buy it the next day.
5. Buying another cocktail dress that you don't need.
4. Buying a size that's too large or too small just because you love it. 
3. Sneaking into Juniors (not dressing my "age", whatever that means)
2. Ordering shoes online (that hardly works out for me)

And now for my number one shopping grievance...
1. Buying something just because it was on sale!

Any of these sound familiar? What's your biggest shopping offense?



  1. Ha! You caught me on this one - going back to the store the next day because I should've gotten the first dammed time ....

  2. hahaha oh man! This was such a great post. I could probably say guilty on about half of these...especially buying something just because it was on sale!

  3. haha what a fun list..i think ive done a few of these..but NO REGRETS! lol

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. Haha, girl you are serious with shopping.

  5. Guilty as charged... Guilty as sin and I have the hardest time buying shoes online but I still do it! ARGH!!!