Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sneak Peek: Straw Market

I went to the Bahamas on my Honeymoon. I don't do extensive shopping on vacations except for souvenirs, but in the Bahamas there's this awesome place called The Straw Market. It is a place in downtown Nassau with many vendors. You can buy anything from purses, jewelry, clothing and you can bargain with the vendors. I bought that mother of pearl necklace I am wearing there. My tank is from American Eagle.

How much shopping do you indulge in during vacations? What's the best thing you ever bought on a trip?

American Eagle at ShopStyle


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  1. This market looks great! Straw bags always make me think of the tropics. I love to purchase something that reminds me of the place I visited. One of my favorite purchases was a wooden Pinocchio I picked up in Florence Italy where the story was written.