Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Flashback: Acid Washed Memories

Seeing my old pictures has motivated me to start this photo flashback series where a picture is dissected for style sins and I assess how much I've changed (for better or worse). Ok, where do I begin?

The year was 1987.
The event was a school dance.

I do remember that I won the dance contest and got a 45 record for my prize (It might have been Everybody Wang Chung Tonight). I am changing the subject aren't I? Here's the scoop on the outfit, gulp. It was a full skirt and the top was a button down shirt to match. It does have that 1950's sock hop vibe to it.

I wanted to fold up the sleeves to show the "lighter" acid wash contrast. Then I found an exact belt to match. I've always loved boots so the shoes were lace up boots and the regulation 1980's slouchy socks are in place. The wicker vase I am leaning on? Ask my mom about that one! The craziest thing is that acid washed is back! And it looks a lot cuter than I remember it!

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