Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pretty Style: Wedding Dress Ideas

Just Married!

I just read that Carrie Underwood just got married. Don't you just love her? She wore a lace dress and I am dying to see pics! They aren't out yet, but I'm sure it'll be in the magazines soon. My wedding dress was also lace. It was gifted to me by a very close friend who wore it to her own wedding. Amazingly generous of her and it was the dress I always wanted to wear anyway so how could I say no? For a long time I wanted to wear a slip dress like the beautiful late Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. But then I swtiched gears and knew that I wanted something more victorian. What's your dream wedding dress?

Initally, I wanted a beach wedding, but I did end up having it at a wedding hall with my lace dress! I have pushing my hubby for a vow renewal ceremony, but I have to wait five more years. Here are more of the Kennedy slip dress options that would be perfect for the beach vow renewal I'd like (if that happens, that is). All for under 300 dollars.

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