Monday, July 12, 2010

Photo Flashback: Leotard Madness

Seeing Pink mid-air's performance reminded me of dance. I wore my share of leotards too, but not as cute or flesh-colored as Pink's.

Mine took courage to wear since most of them were hideous.
Pink asked "have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?" I ask have you ever had to wear something you felt totally ridiculous in for the love of art? I have and here it is:

That's me in the middle. This was a modern dance performance and us girls represented a cave/rock formation. I do like that burnt orange color. The rest was I don't know, too tie-dyed and we look more like a bad acid trip than rocks to me! I think if we each wore a plain leotard in an earth tone, it might have looked better. But just like a fashion model has to shut up and wear their designer's clothes, we too clammed up and did our jobs.

The dance was good actually and our choreographer was very into the concept. I was very excited about the whole thing because dancing was a lifelong dream of mine that I was finally able to pursue.  Oh and you're not seeing things...those really are streamers on our elbows. So please share! What's the wackiest outfit you ever had to wear on stage for a performance of dance, song, any performance art? I want details! Below are some cute dance stuff for all the dancers out there. Those lace pants are cute in a Gaga sort of way.


  1. those are great sales items !
    i like the pink shirt

    hugs and kisses from ..

  2. LOL no its not Audrina from the Hills xxx

  3. This is not too bad. Back in the day when I went to gymnastics our performance was to Olivia Newton John’s, “Let’s Get Physical”. Hhahahahahaha! Now that I think about it I was only about 8 or 9. What a song to perform to. We had to wear this hideous red, white and blue leotard with a red sequined headband. Hilarious!