Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Flashback: Tito Puente Concert

Here's one more Photo Flashback that I am excited to share. My mom came over and I asked her to bring this picture. This blog will sometimes meld fashion with music, art all of my passions, so without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen...Tito Puente.

Tito freakin' Puente! OMG is an understatement.

Here's the scoop: I was still in HS and my sister (far right) was attending Baruch College. Every year they had a Jazz Concert and when she told me Tito, the King of the Timbales (drums) was going to be there, of course I was going to skip school one day and go to the concert! (I am not condoning truancy, but I got straight A's mostly and I was a nerd who never skipped school, so one day couldn't hurt. And to meet a legend sometimes you just gotta skip school)

My mother wholeheartedly approved and even came with me (she's cut off in the pic, but she has her hand on Tito) I am far left with the biggest smile I ever had in life. My sister's friend Zoe is standing next to me.

Fashionwise, it's hard to see my outfit in the pic, but I did think about what to wear. I needed comfort. It was the fall, so I choose a pair of Levi's 501's, a white cotton sweater and I am holding a thrifted, caramel colored suede jacket! My sister and I were very into 70's suede jackets at the time. She is wearing one of my other suede blazers in blue with white stiching.

Note: This is similar to the style of my sister and I wore. A take on 70's suede with more modern styling. Great for the fall if you shop off season like I usually do. 
Oasis at ShopStyle
Modern suede jacket for fall

Old Navy at ShopStyle
Lightweight cotton sweater

Levi's at ShopStyle
And of course, gotta have my tried and true Levi's.

What a day! I didn't think we'd meet him too! Long story short, he was amazing and sweet as can be. My mom even kissed him on the cheek (she's so fresh!)

At that time I always kept my hair pretty long. Great day that I'll always remember. Here are a few clips to see his genius. And if you don't know Spanish, no worries because I just know the rhythm is gonna get ya!

RIP Tito Puente
El Rey

Tito breakin it down! Descarga is basically the point in the salsa song that is like a solo and all hell breaks loose!

His partner in crime, Celia Cruz. I saw them together at the Blue Note cafe in NYC. They go together like peanut butter and jelly!


  1. He was amazing, I love these videos :)), I am into Jazz too :), btw I love your pick on the suede, if only there were other seasons here in the tropics besides hot and humid I would definitely snag that beauty of a jacket :), wishing you a fabulous weekend, XOXO