Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty Buzz: Perfect 10 Haircolor

I dyed my hair 3 times this week. That wasn't a typo, 3 times! And I still didn't get the color I wanted. It's difficult to lighten dark hair! What's worse is that my roots ended up lighter than my hair! I kind of came close on the third time (it's a surprise I still had hair left) with this Perfect 10 formula. You leave it on for only ten minutes and it does a good job of adding vibrant, even haircolor. It smells fruity, doesn't drip and the bottle comes with an additional piece that looks like a mini comb which is another option to get at the roots. I'd buy it again. Are you like me and color your own hair? What's your choice for perfect at home haircolor?

Clairol at ShopStyle

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